Corporate Services

Corporate Services is a cross cutting division, responsible for promoting good governance within the Ministry.  It provides transparent and accountable financial and procurement services to all divisions and ensures compliance to all government policies.  Responsible for the overall human resources management and development and also for overseeing the procurement process, including procurement for Pa Enua Island Governments and undertaking peer review and quality assurance process across the Ministry. 

Corporate Services is responsible for policy development across the whole ministry, including organisational policies.  The division also takes the lead in facilitating capacity building initiatives, including hosting and /or coordinating short and long term attachments from partner organizations such as Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA), Australian University Interns and Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) Pacific technical Assistance TA).

This division has four separate streams and they are:

- Financial Management

- Human Resources and Administration

- Procurement and Asset Management

- Quality Assurance

This division includes sixteen staff across the four streams.