GEF Pacific R2R Project

Building Capacity for Sustainable Human and Animal Waste Management in Muri

 GEF Pacific R2R Project

Ridge to Reef: Testing the Integration of Water, Land, Forest and Coastal Management to Preserve Ecosystem Services, Store Carbon, Improve Climate Resilience and Sustain Livelihoods in Pacific Islands Countries Project (referred to hereafter as GEF Pacific R2R Project).

The operation of the R2R programme is supported in areas of science-based planning, human capital development, policy and strategic planning, results-based management, and knowledge sharing through this regional GEF Pacific R2R Project (the project) which is executed regionally by the Pacific Community (SPC).  R2R pilot projects to be implemented through the project are designed to strengthen R2R integration by establishing synergies among the work of the various sector agencies and the GEF STAR projects, between government and communities, and civil society and the public sector.

The ICI R2R Project aims to build on the good work done under the WMI and support the Mei Te Vai, Ki Te Vai Project to reduce the effects of landbased activity on the marine environment and create cooperation for the protection of the environment of the Muri (Ngatangiia) lagoon through:  

1. Building local capacity for waste management implementation and environmental protection to enable best practice in coastal waters, land and public health protection

2. Establish public-private partnerships for tourism sector investment in integrated coastal management (ICM) in Muri

3. Increasing knowledge-base and capacity for effective environmental stress reduction measures and integrated catchment management in Muri