Drought Response


Rarotonga is now on a Water Warning for drought.  We are at Level 3.

The triggers for Level 3 are any of:

1. Continuous below average rainfall extending from previous month
2. Stream flow below 50% capacity
3. Reticulation Pressure readings below 50% capacity
4. Residential/Community water storage below 50% of capacity
5. Tourist storage below 50% of capacity
6. Low rainfall forecast for the next month

We have had some rain during the weekend with some more expected for this week starting 10th December 2018 however, the public is aked to comply with the following measures until further notice:

  • Repair leaking plumbing
  • Only water gardens and playing surfaces on alternating days between 6am - 10am and 6pm - 10pm
  • Do not use water for aesthetic purposes such as filling or topping up fountains ponds
  • Do not fill  new or existing pools and spas
  • Please refrain from using water to clean a vehicle except in the case of a vehicle for mass transportation
  • Do not use water to clean hard surfaces such as buildings (including windows), except for cleaning required as a result of an accident, fire, health hazard, safety hazard or other emergency
  • Do not use water to suppress dust unless the dust is causing or is likely to cause health or environmental hazard
  • Only water agricultural plantations between 6am - 10am and 6pm - 10pm
  • Do not leave water continuously running for livestock animals.  Use buckets and troughs
  • No fires in yards
  • See tips for the small things that you can do at: http://ici.gov.ck/water-conservation

Many residents living in elevated areas are experiencing no water supply therefore let us all work together to conserve water for the benefit of all.  

Once the factors become stabilised above its trigger levels we will notify the public.