Sanitation meeting for tourism sector

3 September 2014

The WATSAN Unit of the Ministry of Infrastructure Cook Islands and the Public Health partnered for this presentation.

Officials also discussed the sanitation Warrant of Fitness Scheme, which will be linked to the existing Tourism Accreditation Scheme programme.

"New requirements will be introduced to ensure ongoing, improved protection of public health and the environment to promote susteainability in our tourism sector.  It is likely that you will need to take action to ensure compliance with the new requirements" says Tekao Herrman, WATSAN Director.

WATSAN's upcoming Warrant of Fitness Scheme requires commercial property owners and operators to confirm that their sanitation systems comply with the new regulation.

Copies of the Sewage and Wastewater Regulations and Standards 2014 are available for viewing and download at the Cook Islands:

Ministry of Health Website

and the WATSAN Website