Last notice to homes yet to sign up to project

30 May 2013

WATSAN believes it has now done everything possible to inform property owners of the scheme, and to promote the environmental and affordability benefits for those who join.

As planned, Public Health compliance and enforcement processes will now begin in the Avana and Muri areas. This means that property owners found to have non-compliant septic systems will need to upgrade at their own cost, or face fines and/or prosecution under the Public Health regulations.

Property owners will not be able to join our assisted upgrade scheme if they are subject to Public Health compliance/enforcement processes.

WATSAN’s overall goal is to financially assist homeowners in upgrading theirseptic treatment system to the standards required in the Public Health Regulations and to protect the Cook Islands precious lagoon environment.  With this in mind we will continue to do all we can to assist property owners achieve compliance and avoid enforcement processes.

If you haven't signed your home up to the project please visit or contact the WATSAN office on 22648 to discuss options for your property.