30 August 2012
Waste baler newly installed at the Rarotonga landfill
A waste baler was recently installed at the Rarotonga Waste Facilty. It is estimated that this vital peice of equipment will entend the lifetime of the landfill by several years. Continue reading...
21 August 2012
Muri and Avana sanitation upgrades progress board
With work underway to replace 244 residential sanitation systems in Muri and Avana, WATSAN has installed a progress board at the Muri Meeting House so the community and visitors can track progress. Continue reading...
28 June 2012
Household Recycling Card
WATSAN and the National Environment Service (NES) have teamed up to make recyclin easy with a quick reference magnet card for all households on Rarotonga Continue reading...
16 June 2012
Repairs are complete on the Tepuka plant
Repairs to a large wastewater plant should make attending school much more pleasant for Tereora students Continue reading...