Commercial assessments underway in Muri and Avana

6 December 2012

A specialist team will be working with business owners during the next week to provide free expert assessments of on-site sanitation systems at businesses and accommodation providers in Muri and Avana.

The work is part of the Waste Management Initiative (WMI) Programme’s pilot project aimed at improving the quality of the ground water and lessening the amount of pollution entering the lagoon.

 WATSAN unit manager, Tai Nooapii, said that while WATSAN’s work in Muri had been focussed on residential properties so far, commercial properties were significant contributors to wastewater volume and a vital component of the project.

“We need to ensure business owners are aware of the state of the current sanitation systems, the regulations, and any work required to bring their systems up to standard,” said Nooapii.

To facilitate this process a team made up a specialist wastewater engineer, WATSAN technical advisors and Public Health inspectors will visit 30 commercial properties over the next week.

“At these visits, the team will meet with the property owner, view and assess the on-site sanitation system and gather information about use and maintenance,” said Nooapii.

Following the visit, the property owners will be provided with a report detailing the current state of their sanitation system, and outline any work required to meet current regulations. WATSAN staff will be available to provide advice and assistance during this process.

“We hope these reports will be a valuable resource for business owners and will assist them in ensuring that their properties comply with the law and are not the cause of further pollution entering the lagoon,” said Nooapii.

The site visits are scheduled to start on 5 December and run for at least one week.

The WMI programme is funded via the joint Australia and New Zealand aid programmes.