Muri Road Improvement

26 March 2019

In October 2017 and then July 2018, meetings with the community were undertaken to understand the community’s vision for the future development of the transport corridor in Muri.  Concept drawings detailing potential options for the development of the transport corridor based on these meetings and community input combined with necessary infrastructure and requirements such as drainage were then provided and discussed further.  From these discussions Infrastructure Cook Islands (ICI) has identified stage 1 enabling and improvement works which are to be undertaken to facilitate the proposed future transport corridor improvements.

As part of the Rarotonga Road Improvement Programme the stage 1 works will commence in April with the contractor Triad mobilising plant and equipment to the Muri area to improve the main road in Muri, Ngatangiia from adjacent to Pacific Divers to the Imanuela Akatemia bus stop.

“The Ngatangiia programme is a unique one due to there being a need to upgrade much more than just the road seal but implement improved safety measures and pedestrian access to the carriageway due to the high utilisation and congestion in the area” says Secretary of ICI Diane Charlie-Puna.  “Stage 1 is going to have an impact beyond just replacing the seal, including drainage and safety improvements.  Over time development of Muri has led to encroachment of private signs and vegetation including hedges into the current road corridor. These will be removed or relocated to improve safety and the operation of the road.  We want to work with the community on this to make this a successful project” adds Charlie-Puna. 

“Stage 1 works include widening of the existing road pavement and surfacing to the full extent of the existing road corridor to provide improved pedestrian access and safety and will involve pavement rehabilitation and replacement of the current chip seal surfacing. This work will facilitate the future planned development of the Muri transport corridor including the required ringmain repairs, installation and improvements to utility services within the road corridor, provision of footpaths and safety improvements, as well as an asphalt (hotmix) road surface” says Project Manager Gareth Clayton. 

During this work, disruptions to the public’s use of the main road and travel can be expected. Temporary speed restrictions and lane closures will be put in place by Triad, the contractor as part of required site safety and traffic management during the works. ICI will work with the contractor to limit the impact to the public as far as practicable and appreciate the public’s understanding as these works are undertaken.

ICI looks forward to the successful implementation of this portion of the ongoing road improvements works.