Rarotonga Road Maintenance and Improvement

19 September 2018

Infrastructure Cook Islands (ICI) advises the public that road maintenance and improvement works have commenced on Rarotonga as part of the Cook Islands Governments ongoing asset management and improvement programme.  

The physical works are being undertaken by Contractor - Triad Pacific Petroleum Ltd who has a long history of roading construction in the Cook Islands with works including; Road side drainage and subsoil drainage improvements, Pavement rehabilitation, shoulder widening and Pavement surfacing. The works are currently being undertaken in the vicinity of Black Rock and will include approximately 8 separate sites identified as high risk and in need of structural pavement and surfacing repairs or maintenance around Rarotonga.

During this works, disruptions to the public’s access to the main road and travel can be expected. Temporary speed restrictions and lane closures will be put in place by the contractor as part of required site safety and traffic management of the works. Road closures and detours will be advised as required during the construction works. ICI and the contractor will work together to limit the impact to the public as far as practicable and appreciate the public’s understanding as these works are completed.

“This Contract is part of the wider road network asset management and improvement programme being implemented by ICI and the Cook Islands Government” says the recently appointed Secretary of ICI Diane Charlie-Puna. ‘’The key outcomes of this programme are to provide improved access and an increased level of service and safety for the existing roading network” Charlie-Puna adds. The repair and maintenance of these sites will facilitate further road improvements to enable a return to a robust, safer and more resilient road network which will assist with the continued social and economic development of Rarotonga and the Cook Islands. 

This project contributes towards Outcome 3 of the ICI Strategic Plan “Sustainable Infrastructure” and Strategic Goal 3.2 –“Access for all too reliable transport” through the Output of ensuring that “all public roads in the Cook Islands are fully trafficable.” ICI looks forward to the successful implementation of this Project.