Service Line Upgrades

28 February 2018

The WATSAN Division of Infrastructure Cook Islands (ICI) will be undertaking work to replace underground galvanised service lines along the Ara Tapu (mainroad) from the water supply submain to the homes across the road in the Tupapa area before moving through to Avana in the coming weeks.  Simultaneously, the Ministry is offering New Water Connections to vacant sections on the beach side of the main road at a discounted rate of $117.30.  The Division encourages all those landowners of vacant sections to take advantage of the discount and get in touch by calling 20321. 

To continue efforts to institutionalise robust coordination, Bluesky, Te Mato Vai Project Management Unit and Te Aponga Uira are involved in the planning for this work.   It is expected that the public will question why the galvanised line replacement wasn’t done during the Te Mato Vai commissioning work done recently.  “Unfortunately, we could not do the line replacement while Te Mato Vai commissioning was underway as it is a completely different set of work and we didn’t want to delay their programming as they are under very strict time frames” advises Water Division Manager Wilson Rani.

The improvement in pressure after the commissioning has been noticed by the Water Division with more frequent leaks being experienced in the project area.  “The galvanised pipes are over 40 years old so we are experiencing exactly what happened during Project City water upgrade in Avarua during 2012 to 2013”.  “The rest of the islands service lines have been replaced some years ago and this is the last area to upgrade”, adds Rani.

“Part of the work will be contracted out to the private sector who will provide trenching and backfilling services as well as traffic control” says Ngametua Pokino, Secretary of ICI.  “As part of our Strategic Plan we are endeavouring to set and comply with standards and codes of practice across our civil works”.  The Ministry has a newly developed Code of Practice for working in the road corridor that covers procedures for locating underground utility structures, site management, emergency management, trenching procedures and surface layer reinstatement.

Communications to the public will be provided across newspaper, social media and television.  Pokino urges all beachside vacant land owners between Pue and Avana to get in touch with the Ministry to book in the new water connections and take advantage of the discounted connection fee.

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