Traffic Management Training

18 September 2018

The Cook Islands Government is working towards improving operating procedures and standards across health and safety in workplaces in the Cook Islands.  In working towards keeping employees and the public safe during road works, Infrastructure Cook Islands is holding a Basic Traffic Management Training through Traffic Management NZ trainer Chris England.  The training covers basic theory and a practical sessions for the participants from the Ministry, the private sector, the Tapere contractors and other organisations involved in managing traffic.  A team leader training will then follow the basic training to get into more specific details for supervisors or managers.

Chris England has been working with Traffic Management NZ for …. Years and brings a wealth of experience in managing traffic having been involved in large projects in New Zealand.  “This training has been a long time coming and now we are finally getting the specific training done for our staff and the other sector participants while also having our in-house operating procedures updated by a short term contractor employed under the Ministry” says Civil Works Director Vaipo Mataora.  “I look forward to seeing my team applying the new skills learnt and keeping themselves and others safe” he adds.

“We want to ensure that our staff, our contractors and road users are kept safe during our road work or roadside work that we do almost on a daily basis especially with more and more vehicles using the roads.  We also acknowledge that the private sector have been doing a good job in implementing good standards as seen in companies like Landholdings who are involved in the Te Mato Vai project” says ICI Secretary Ngametua Pokino.