Vaimaanga Coastal Protection Repair

13 February 2019

Coastal construction and improvement works have commenced in the Vaimaanga district as part of the Cook Island Governments ongoing asset management and improvement programme. 

The physical works are being undertaken by Infrastructure Cook Islands, the government ministry responsible for the delivery, operation and maintenance of various public infrastructure across the Cook Islands. 

“During this work, disruptions to the publics’ access to the main road and travel in Vaimaanga can be expected, including limited access to the Sheraton coastline. Temporary speed restrictions and lane closures will be put in place by ICI as part of required site safety and traffic management during the works. Road closures and detours will be advised as required” says Project Manager INSERT NAME. ICI will work to limit the impact to the public as far as practicable and appreciate the public’s understanding as these works are completed.

“This project once completed will enhance the protection of vulnerable infrastructure assets including underground utility services within the road corridor, private property and associated infrastructure and the Main road Ara Tapu from ongoing coastal erosion and one off erosion events related to storm events” says ICI Secretary Diane Charlie-Puna. Furthermore, the Secretary advises that this project will facilitate further road improvements to progress a robust, safer and more resilient road network which will assist with the continued social and economic development of Rarotonga and the Cook Islands. 

This project contributes towards two Outcomes of the ICI Strategic Plan, Outcome 2: “Sustainable Environment” and Strategic Goal 2.2 – “A built environment able to support human development and withstand disasters and climate change and Outcome 3:“Sustainable Infrastructure” and Strategic Goal 3.2 –“Access for all to reliable transport”

ICI looks forward to the successful implementation of this Project.