Solid waste generation is a serious problem here in the Cook Islands because of land scarcity, proximity to the ocean and small economic base.

We must work together to prolong the lifespan of landfill and prevent contamination from burning and the dumping of solid waste.  The best way to do this is to sort your household rubbish properly for roadside collection and remember that not all waste types are collected from the roadside.  Such waste types are whiteware and applicances, electrical waste and batteries.  These types of waste need to be dealt with carefully and we are now fortunate to have the private sector operating recycling services.

A helpful poster - Environment Champion - is downloadable to the right of your screen.  The various options for recycling services are detailed on this poster.

Sorting your rubbish properly for roadside collection makes managing waste much easier and pleasant for waste managers and staff and you directly support your environment and economy.

So how do you sort your rubbish?  

Work through the image below to correctly separate your waste at home and what to do with waste not collected from the roadside.  It is very important that recyclables and general waste bins are free of food contamination.  Food contamination lowers the value of recyclables.  

For further information call the Waste Division of ICI on 29039.