Rubbish collection

In most areas of Rarotonga, rubbish and recycling are collected once a week. Sending rubbish to the landfill should always be the last resort when it comes to waste, so before putting bags out always check the 'Four R's'.

It is important that household rubbish and recycling are sorted correctly - all glass, plastic bottles, aluminium and tin cans should be sorted and separated from other household rubbish. Full information can be found on our recycling page.

How should you put out your rubbish for collection?

  • All rubbish should be in bags, no larger than 60 litres
  • All bags should be securely tied and without rips or tears
  • Placing bags in a bin or drums stops animals scavenging
  • Place on the roadside on the day of collection
  • Bulky or hazardous waste will not be collected as part of the free domestic collection

There are a number of contractors who provide rubbish collection and disposal service for businesses.

Rubbish can also be brought directly to the Rarotonga Waste Facility.

Collection Schedule


Main Road from Recycle Centre, Matavera - anticlockwise to Auditorium - backroad to Avarua School - Uturn upto NZ High Comm - backroad to Teariki Piri - mainroad clockwise to Empire Cinema - backroad to Tupa's shop - up Tukuvaine Valley - back to Post Office and Cooks Corner - mainroad to airport seawall - finish at Harley Street turnoff


Main Road Titikaveka - Ngatangiia ends at Recycling Centre - RETURN - ends at Edgewater Resort


Main Road starts at ICI Arorangi - Avatea School - towards airport - up Avatiu Valley - backroad to Ross Hunter - towards bowling club - Polynesian Rentals - Cooks Corner - mainroad towards Teariki Piri, backroad, finish at Tradewinds store note: fortnightly only - Punamaia Road - backroad - Ariana Bungalow road - finish at mainroad


Aorangi backroad - Titikaveka backroad - Matavera backroad - finish at Matavera Packing Shed


Backroad Golf Club - Harley Street - Tepuka - Tereora - Stadium road - airport - mainroad towards town - backroad Island Craft - Telecom - Cooks Corner - mainroad towards Matavera - finishes at MainLine


Mainroad Arorangi - towards Avarua - CICC Avarua - Auditorium - backroad towards Avana - mainroad - Sokala - FlameTree - mainroad towards Titikaveka - finish at the Rarotongan