Rubbish Collection

Rubbish and recyclables are collected at least once a week across Rarotonga. Sending rubbish to the landfill should always be the last resort when it comes to waste, so before putting bags out always check the 'Four R's'.

It is important that household rubbish and recycling are sorted correctly - all glass, plastic bottles, aluminium and tin cans should be sorted and separated from other household rubbish. Full information can be found on our recycling page.

How should you put out your rubbish for collection?

  • All rubbish should be in bags, no larger than 60 litres.  This is especially important for glass as glass bottles get very heavy
  • All bags should be securely tied and without rips or tears
  • Placing bags in a bin or drums stops animals scavenging
  • Placing rubbish and recyclables on the roadside on the morning of collection is best as dogs can tear open and scatter rubbish if left overnight
  • Bulky or hazardous waste will not be collected as part of the free domestic collection

There are a number of contractors who provide rubbish collection and disposal services for businesses.

Rubbish can also be brought directly to the Rarotonga Waste Facility.  Charges for waste that goes to landfill will be imposed.  Recyclables are not charged.

The Current Collection Schedule

Monday - Paringaru, Ngatangiia to Matavera

Collect from Ara Tapu and Ara Metua between Paringaru Stream East to Tomokino Rd in Matavera.

Cross Roads: Kaireva Rd, Kaireva Drive, Ngati Maoate Rd, Ngaenga Rd, Matavera Rd, Rotopu Rd, Are Taunga Rd, Are Taunga Drive, Titama Rd, Tamaiva Rd, Tuarai Rd.

Public Spaces: Nikao Social Centre, Blackrock and Nukupure Park receptacles.

Tuesday - Paringaru, Ngatangiia West to Vaimaanga

Collect from Ara Tapu and Ara Metua, between Paringaru Stream West to the end of Vaimaanga.

Cross Roads: Tereru Rd, Tikioki Rd, Akapuao Rd, Vaiuna Rd, Angaroa Rd, Kauare Rd, Tere Carr's Rd, Itimarama Rd.

Public Spaces: Papaaroa Beach.

Wednesday - Rutaki North to Inave Rd, Ruaau Arerenga South

Collect from Ara Tapu and Ara Metua, between the start of Rutaki North to Inave Rd.

Cross Roads: Te Au Rd, Matiekura Rd, Aroa Rd, Onemaru Rd, Te Toro Rd, Cocoputt, Kainganui Rd (next to Moana Oasis Villa), Ruaroa Rd, Kurukau Rd, Arerenga Rd, Raemaru Park Rd, Akaoa Rd, Aretuna Rd, Inave Rd.

Public Spaces: Nikao Social Centre and Blackrock.

Thursday - Ruaau-Arerenga North to Nikao Panama

Collect from Ara Tapu and Ara Metua between Inave Rd North to Avatiu cross road on the Ara Metua. No collection on Inave Rd on this day and no collection between CITC Supermarket to the cross road.

Cross Roads: road travelling inland at Vonnia's Arorangi, Pokoinu-i-raro Rd, Tipani Rd, Pokoinu Rd, Tapatea Rd, Maretu Rd, Tereora Rd.

Friday - Avatiu East to Takuvaine, on to Atupa

Collect from Ara Tapu and Ara Metua between CITC Supermarket in Avatiu and Avarua roundabout and Takuvaine Valley.

Cross Roads: Taputapuatea Rd, Tauae Rd, Tutakimoa Rd, Moss Rd, Vakatini Rd, Raoariki Rd, St Joseph's Rd, Ruatonga Rd.

Public Spaces: Nikao Social Centre and Blackrock.

Saturday - Tupapa Maraerenga

Collect from Ara Tapu and Ara Metua between Avarua roundabout to Tuarai Rd and Titama Rd end in Tupapa/Matavera boundary. No collection along Titama Rd and Tuarai Rd on this day.

Cross Roads: Karekare Rd, Maotangi Rd, Kiikii Rd, Avarua Bakery Rd, Ngatipa Rd, Victoria Rd, Constitution Ave, Makea Tinirau Rd.