Sanitation Upgrade Programme (SUP)

The SUP was a four-year programme of work to deliver improved infrastructure, services, systems, regulation, monitoring and awareness in the areas of sanitation and waste management.

The SUP followed on from successful delivery of a number of programmes, projects and initiatives in related areas from 2011 to 2014 under the WMI and IWRM projects.  

The SUP focused on delivering a number of outputs and outcomes that followed on directly from the previous projects and programmes.  The overall aim of the SUP is to increase protection of public health and the environment through improved sanitation infrastructure, services, regulatory compliance and awareness.

The key outcomes and outputs for the SUP were:

-   Upgrading of up to a further 1,000 onsite domestic sanitation systems in Rarotonga and Aitutaki, to meet current regulatory standards and achieve relevant ‘best practice’.

-   Conducting initial assessments of and planning for improvements to sanitation in the other Pa Enua;

-   Improving sanitation practices and increasing compliance with relevant legislation, through improved guidance, regulation and enforcement.

-   Developing robust water quality datasets against which future changes can be tracked, through ongoing and improved water quality monitoring.

-   Developing a long-term management approach and solution for sludge processed at wastewater treatment facilities on Rarotonga and Aitutaki.

-   Continuing the development of a functional and effective sanitation sector supported by appropriate policy, regulations, planning and resourcing.

As mentioned on the Sanitation page, the SUP has now been changed in scope to a reticulation project for Ngatangiia.  ICI will post a link to Mei Te Vai, Ki Te Vai here when the website is available.  ICI looks forward to this exciting project for Ngatangiia.