The Rarotonga Waste Facility

Rarotonga Landfill

The Rarotonga Waste Facility was opened in 2005 and is designed as purpose built solution to Rarotonga's waste management needs till 2020.

The facility includes an engineered landfill, sewage treatment ponds, filter and land application system, a recycling centre that houses a large waste baler and an aluminium can compactor, and also stockpiles of recyclables.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 8am - 4pm

Saturday 8am - 1pm


Solid Waste

Car boot $25

Van/Ute $20

Raro Bin (big skip) $50

Large truck $95

Liquid Waste

3-4,000 litres $60

8,000 litres $95

10,000 litres $115

No toxic (chemicals, vehicle oil, batteries) or e-waste (tv's, computers, phones, fridges etc) are accepted at the Waste Facility. The components contained in these products contain very harmful substances such as cadmium and phosphorous.  Recycle Cook Islands manage electrical waste, whiteware, steel and batteries so you may take these to their yard next to St Josephs school.  Bluesky Cook Islands can take your phones and cameras. 

The Waste Management Division is working towards being able to cater for all waste but this process will take time due to limited resources.

For more information and to request a tour you can contact the Waste Management Division on 29039.