Rarotonga Water

Access to clean healthy drinking water is a basic human right, and water is a precious resource requiring careful management and planning. Improving the quality of drinking water and ensuring more reliable supplies to Cook Islanders is a key priority for the Ministry of Infrastructure Cook Islands.

ICI operates, maintains and monitors the Rarotonga water supply network and conducts hydrological investigations.  During 2019 the Rarotonga water management will be transferred to the upcoming water authority To Tatou Vai.

The Rarotonga water supply network consists of intakes (reservoirs), trunklines, community water tanks and a ringmain that circles the island. Maintenance is carried out on a daily basis.  ICI staff also assist other organisations in project implementation in the Pa Enua where water is concerned.

Hydrological investigations include rain gauge maintenance and data collection, storage and analysis and also stream flow metering.  This information is required in order to accurately design and plan for water management infrastructure.

Water is a critical issue for small island states such as the Cook Islands. Spread over 2 million square kilometres of the Pacific Ocean, climatic conditions on our 15 islands vary greatly, and maintaining a good supply and storage of water can be very challenging especially in times of low rainfall.  

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Here you can find out about the current water network that supplies all of Rarotonga.
Using water water wisely is important on our islands, especially during dry times. Check out this page for WATSAN's advice for water conservation.
If you have a problem with water service at your property or wish to report a leaking pipe etc please contact the Water Division of WATSAN on 20321. Please be aware that the Division is only responsible for water supply infrastructure up to the boundary of your property. Any plumbing within your boundary is your own responsibility.
During drought it is extremely important for everyone to comply with requests for controlling water usage.