Te Mato Vai

Te Mato Vai is the Cook Islands Water Partnership with the People's Republic of China and New Zealand.

The project is the largest infrastructure initiative ever undertaken by the Cook Islands and was announced at the Pacific Islands Forum hosted in Rarotonga, in August 2012.

Te Mato Vai will deliver fresh, healthy drinking water to the boundary of all residential and commercial properties connected to the current network on Rarotonga. This is a vital development milestone for the Cook Islands and will have significant national health, economic and environmental benefits.

The current water supply on Rarotonga is untreated and the network has little storage capacity with much of the pipe work laid down in the 1960s and requires replacement.  This can mean that in times of dry weather supply to some parts of the island is unreliable.

Te Mato Vai will deliver a high standard new water network, including improved storage capacity and new ring mains.

The cost of the project is estimated at NZD $60 million and it is expected to take 3 - 5 years to complete.

In Novermber 2012, a significant milestone was reached with the signing of a construction contract between the Cook Islands and China, represented by the China Civil Engineering Company (CCEC).

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