ICI Building Application Schedules

The following is a list of of ICI’s building permit application form and various different applications including Schedule 2 Reference to Schedule 1: Supervise and Direct Building Work, Application for permission to use Public Places, demolition permit, certificate of suitability and building progress.

Click on the following to download the relevant applications for your requirement. Once you have completed the forms you require, please email them to the ICI Regulatory office – louis.teiti@cookislands.gov.ck.

Building Permit Application Form

Application Checklist

If you would like to fill in your Building Permit Application Form online, please fill in your details below.  All Applications and forms must be filled out for each area.  Incomplete applications may not be accepted.  Please be advised that additional documentation maybe required by the Building Control Division.  All applications must be submitted with the following supporting documentation:

  1. Locality plan. (site plan)
  2. Working drawings including structural details, plumbing, sanitation and earthwork
  3. Architectural drawings which show the use of each room
  4. Structural design criteria used
  5. Design calculations and diagrams
  6. Fire Engineering calculations
  7. Test report and certificates
  8. Specifications
  9. National Environment Service comments
  10. Department of Public Health comments

Building Permit Application Form