Improving Infrastructure in the Pa Enua (Outer Islands)

The primary purpose of Infrastructure Cook Islands (ICI) is to drive Cook Islands Infrastructure work, and is responsible for the maintenance of Outer Island Airports and Outer Islands Water and Sanitation programs. This also includes construction and maintenance of public roads on Rarotonga and the provision of technical guidance, material support to the Island Governments in respect to construction and maintenance of roads in Pa Enua.

ICI Pa Enua Infrastructure successes include:

  • The distribution of some domestic water tanks in the Pa Enua (PEARL Project) and the construction of domestic as well as community water catchments in the outer islands.
  • Planned and current construction of  cyclone centers in Penrhyn, Rakahanga & Nassau.
  • Installation of Aitutaki Water Gallery – tank liners and new water pumps
  • Atiu road improvement completion
  • Implementation of Oneroa Village stream based water system

The Cook Islands are a group of 15 islands that are split into two groups – the Northern group and Southern group.

In the northern group: Manihiki, Nassau, Rakahanga, Penrhyn, Pukapuka, and Suwarrow all except Nassau are atolls, narrow and low-lying sandbanks resting on circular reefs around lagoons rich in marine life.  


Below are ICI’s Infrastructure Improvements in the Outer Islands (Pa Enua). Click on each picture for the improvements implemented on each Island.  ICI will do our best to provide regular updates. If there is a “This page is under construction”, it means we are making updates.