Coastal Improvements
Road Assessment Management
Water & Sanitation Management
Inland and Coastal Water Asset Management
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The infrastructure sector is a key driver for the Cook Islands economy. It is highly responsible for propelling the Cook Islands overall development and is the biggest focus area for sustainable development of the country, to improve the quality as well as the sustainability of core infrastructure services. The infrastructure sector includes power, bridges, water and sanitation, coastal, roads, and Pa Enua infrastructure development. Specific ICI major focused projects are as follows:

  • Bridges & Structure Improvements
  • Drainage Improvement Program
  • Government Building Project (Penrhyn)
  • Emergency Management & Support Infrastructure
  • Inland and Coastal Water Asset Management
  • Road Asset Management
  • Waste Management Infrastructure Improvement
  • Water & Sanitation Infrastructure Improvement
  • Pa Enua Air Infrastructure Improvement
  • Atiu Road Project
  • Widening of the existing road surface to improve traffic lane widths and sealed road shoulders to support road safety.

Pa Enua & Rarotonga Improvements

Click here for Rarotonga Improvements.

Click here for Pa Enua Improvements.

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