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Rarotonga has been abuzz with multiple developments and improvements popping up across the island. We intend to keep you well informed as these improvements occur. Keep an eye out for updates across all local multimedia channels and via our ICI social media platforms. 

Rarotonga Improvements

See our Rarotonga Improvements in the following areas:

  • Bridges & Structures Improvement
  • Drainage Improvement Program
  • Emergency Management & Support Infrastructure
  • Inland and Coastal Water Asset Management


  • Road Asset Management
  • Waste Management Infrastructure Improvement
  • Water & Sanitation Infrastructure Improvement

Bridges & Structures Improvements

Rarotonga Successes include:

  • The creation of a domestic road maintenance schedule throughout Rarotonga.
  • Storm water drainage and treatment including culvert installations, culvert structures and stream re-grading, tidy up at multiple sites including managing the quality and quantity of stormwater in the Aroko and Muri catchment areas
  • Turangi Bridge reconstruction and Avana Bridge including the installation of road safety barriers and footpath construction completed
  • The purchase of a bailer for the compacting of solid waste material mass; and promotion and advocacy for separation of waste and recycling
  • Sheraton and Rutaki Foreshore coastal protection construction of rock wall completed
  • Road improvements in Matavera, Prison Back Road and Nikao Airport Back Road trench re-instatement as well as Takitumu School, Site C Backroad Titikaveka, Vaima’anga (Wigmores to Sheraton), Nikao Backroad & Hospital Hill, followed by main road in Arorangi and Ngatangiia
  • Avana Bridge pedestrian ramps, road safety barriers, footpath, pavement works and road about


As per Cook Islands custom, this is an opening ceremony celebrating the cutting of the ribbon for the Avatiu Bridge.

Turangi Bridge Reconstruction

Bridges in the Cook Islands are generally a critical component to facilitate the travel between two river or stream embankments. On Rarotonga, there are a number of bridges that have been constructed that serve as an outlet for water from the mountains to the ocean. To design for safety and longevity, engineers have to consider different degrees of weight, how they are applied and where.


Road Safety Barrier installed along the sea wall area near Apii Nikao.

Avatiu Bridge Reconstruction

The construction contract for the Avatiu Bridge Reconstruction works has been awarded to Landholdings Ltd. Majority of the large works have been completed at the beginning of the 2020/2021 financial year, with the unveiling of the Avatiu Bridge in September of 2020. Though works are currently underway to complete, other completed aspects of this project include the pedestrian footpath, pavement works, roadside barriers and roundabout.

Avatiu Bridge was completed in September 2020.

Drainage Improvements

Nikao Back Road Culvert Replacement Project

  • Apii Nikao Back Road culvert crossing design complete
  • Culvert installations completed at Paiau Pirake outlet, Airport substation chamber, Charlie Tamangaro inlet, Mike Tavioni Chamber and Airport substation outlet.
  • Installation works to be carried at Cook’s Bus depot, Pokoinu Road, Apii Nikao backroad 
  • Culvert structures including inlet chambers and outlet structures to be completed at Auto Tech, BCI Stadium, Tepuka Store, Tepuka Bus stop and other sites along the stretch of the backroad.

Avatiu Stream Flood Management

  • This construction contract has been awarded to Landholdings Ltd and includes the invert profiling of the Avatiu stream and implementing a port rock revetment repair (that has now been completed).

Ridge to Reef

  • Primary focus on managing the quality and quantity of stormwater in the Aroko and Muri Catchment
  • Undertake Aroko & Muri Stormwater Study – Tonkin and Tailor Ltd carried out the Muri Catchment Feasibility Study for Stormwater Management. 
  • R2R Rapid Coastal Assessment – collect and report on baseline ecological, biological & environmental conditions including sediment distribution. 
  • To address drainage capacity by widening streams and increasing culvert sizes to cater for flood event.
  • Then attenuation and treatment which is the slowing down of flows and absorbing sediments, will be addressed by improving existing wetlands along the streams.

Rarotonga Coastal Improvements

Sheraton & Rutaki Area – construction completed.  

This project aims to enhance the protection of vulnerable infrastructure assets including underground utility services within the road corridor, private property, associated infrastructure, and the main road from ongoing coastal erosion and one off erosion events related to heavy rain storms and high seas.

Coastal construction and improvement works will be continuing in the Vaima’anga district as part of Infrastructure Cook Islands’ ongoing asset management and improvement programme.

Following the completion of 120 metres of the rock wall in August 2020, a further 165 metre extension of the rock wall will continue. Projects like this facilitate further road improvements to progress a robust, safer and more resilient road network especially along the exposed coastline. 

Road Asset Management

ICI has developed a toolkit for assessing the condition of the roads, and a road grading system is also being implemented. ICI has strengthened asset management systems, including the development of comprehensive and up-to-date infrastructure asset registers.

Road asset management successes have included backroad rehabilitation and surfacing including back road trench reinstatement works. A number of planned road improvements to the Nikao backroad from Harley Street to Avatiu roundabout are underway.  

 Improve 4.2km of backroad from Harley Street to the Avatiu round about. Priority sections of the main road, back road and other critical sections of the road network road including; Avatiu Bridge and Roundabout, Takitumu School, Site C Backroad Titikaveka, Vaima’anga (Wigmores to Sheraton), Nikao backroad & Hospital hill, followed by the main road in Arorangi and Ngatangiia.