About Us

The Ministry of Infrastructure Cook Islands (ICI) is responsible for a variety of major government capital infrastructure projects across the Cook Islands, as well as some regulatory responsibilities.

We seek to deliver a safe, efficient, cost-effective and sustainable infrastructure system for the benefit of the people of the Cook Islands, playing a key role in achieving overall objectives and key deliverables every year. Through team work and collaboratively embracing our stakeholders, we continue to improve our performance to the best of our abilities. As development in our country is on the rise, expectation from our people also increases with these demands. We put a lot of pressure on our natural resources and our environment hence promoting innovative alternatives that harmonizes with our environment in terms of planning and development.

Our Approach

ICI focuses on strengthening our working relationship and improving coordination with the Pa Enua Island Government and Pa Enua special projects teams. This strategic move will enable effective and timely delivery of technical support and capital project aspirations in the Pa Enua. ICI also focuses on improving its data and evidence capabilities through the establishment of the national hydrography division responsible for managing the spatial information and the Geo Portal for government. Improving our asset management data and collecting hydrology data and focusing on feasibility studies will provide readily available data to support our project design and planned maintenance into the future. Making evidence base decisions will deliver quality standard services and develop premier infrastructure to the people of the Cook Islands.

We are grateful for the ongoing support from our Minister and both internal and external stakeholders in assisting us to deliver our services to the people of the Cook Islands. We continue to focus on strengthening our mandate and existence through the development and enactment of key legislation; Infrastructure Act, Building Act, Solid and Hazardous Waste Bill and key regulations to govern our roles and functions.

ICI works with donor partners, island governments, other government departments, the private sector and the community to implement activities and projects and carry out operations and maintenance of public infrastructure assets it is responsible for both here on Rarotonga and in the Pa Enua.

We are always looking to implement new strategies to keep the Cook Islands moving. Striving to create an efficient network of roads, waterways and airways, and effective water management to protect against flooding. ICI consists of the following divisions: Planning and Projects, Building and Regulatory, Civil Works, Waste Management, Hydrography & Geospatial, Pa Enua and Corporate Services. In addition to infrastructure activities on Rarotonga, ICI plays a regulatory role in building and water-sanitation sectors as well as serving alongside other government first respondent agencies in response to natural disaster relief efforts. 

Corporate Services

Civil Works

Projects & Planning

Regulatory Services

Hydrography & Geoscience

Pa Enua

Waste Management