Land Map Review Process

For too long, development has occurred without good controls to protect public infrastructure and existing homes. For example, with the onset of climate change and especially, increased intensity of rainfall combined with land development, public infrastructure such as roads and built drainage systems are becoming damaged and overwhelmed by stormwater runoff.

The Land Map Review process has been created to ensure that infrastructure managers are informed and can therefore plan for the impacts of upcoming development. Landowners are then also well informed of any measure they need to take when developing a site to avoid identified impacts. Note that 20 days have been allowed for this process. 

Please refer to the image below to view the land map review process. You may also download the process here.

After the map receives the stamp of approval, the submitter can then have the Chief Surveyor at the Ministry of Justice certify the map which can then go to court. 

Each approved map will be supplied with a Development Guide to help developers navigate the permitting process and utility connections when that time comes. Tips on sustainable development is also included to encourage everyone to apply best practices to their developments whether large or small.

Check up on court sittings at on the Ministry of Justice website.