Procurement Team

A well constituted procurement team is essential to ensure a successful procurement.  

The functions of the procurement team are to ensure that:

  • proper procurement procedure is used;
  • record of the procurement is maintained;
  • all time periods and deadlines are observed;
  • all procurement documents, forms are completed and issued properly;
  • all communication with tenders and procurement is proper; and
  • the process is protected through focus on maintaining the fundamental honesty, fairness and transparency of the procurement proceeding.


ICI Infrastructure Procurement works in conjunction with Procurement Government of the Cook Islands tender opportunities, capital and national investment plans and other procurement related activities.

Our Overarching Values

The Principles are our overarching values. These principles apply to all government procurement and provide the foundations of good procurement practice.

We follow Cook Islands Government’s Procurement Policy

ICI use the procurement policy as a tool. The policy is made pursuant to section 63 of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management Act 1995-96 (MFEM Act), and any subsequent legislation that empowers MFEM to issue instructions to ministries like Infrastructure Cook Islands to ensure compliance with financial disciplines. 

Key Principles are:

Tender Opportunities

The Procurement Portal Cook Islands (PPCI) provides a web-based portal service designed to promote transparency, value for money and fair competition with regards to CI Government Procurement Activities. Tender opportunities can be found on the PPCI site. You can also view information on contracts that have already been awarded.

The Customer Services Charter

The Charter sets out ICI’s Corporate Services expectations of how we should conduct our procurement activity, customer care services to our stakeholders and to achieve public value.

ICI to:

  • Openly work to create opportunities for Cook Island local businesses and small-to-medium enterprises to participate in the procurement processes. Openly working to include and support these businesses and enterprises through procurement will promote both skills development and a diverse and inclusive workforce.
  • Take on initiatives that promote greater environmental responsibility. Ensure that economic and social development can be executed on a sustainable basis with respect for the protection and preservation of the environment, reducing waste, carbon emissions and pollution both in the Pa Enua and Rarotonga.
  • Seek for new and innovative solutions. Giving businesses the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise. Look to support greater collaboration, to give likeminded groups the opportunity to find common solutions within your procurement opportunities.
  • Engage with businesses with good work ethics and employment practices. Ensure that the businesses contracted whether overseas or locally have integrity, transparency and accountability, and respect with international standards relating to human and labour rights. To ensure that they comply with all Cook Islands employment law, standards, as well as health and safety requirements.
  • Manage risk appropriately. Responsibility for managing risks should be from both parties – that is best placed to manage the risk. Agencies and suppliers should work together on risk mitigation strategies.