Electrical Permits

Energy and the conveyance of electricity in the Cook Islands is legislated for by the Energy Act 1998, Energy Regulations 2006 and several amendments (2007, 2010, 2012).

ICI houses the Electrical Inspectorate where electricians apply on their clients’ behalf for permits to install internal electrical wiring. The Electrical Inspector undertakes inspections on installations.

To arrange wiring for your building:

1.Contact a registered electrician who will prepare an electrical plan with you.

List of registered electrical providers:

2. Your electrician will apply for a permit application at ICI reception.

3. When approved, your electrician will be issued an Electrical Permit and can begin installing wiring in your home or at your property and install the service main cable which attaches to the network supply.

When your electricians work is found compliant, the Electrical Inspector issues a Completion Notice and informs TAU that your building is approved to be supplied with electricity. TAU will then turn on power to your building.

For more information about supplying power to your building or section download the Development Booklet here or visit Te Aponga Uira.