The infrastructure sector is a key driver for the Cook Islands economy and the wellbeing of the people. Infrastructure Cook Islands is responsible for roads, drainage, bridges and waste management on Rarotonga. In the Pa Enua, the Ministry assists the Island Governments with water source monitoring, supply and storage, airport and harbour upgrades and building cyclone shelters.  

The work is referred to as ‘capital works’, maintenance and planning. Capital works are those large, replacement or renewal activities such as a complete road replacement. These are funded by one-off funding injections that are planned for during the years prior. ICI has to bid for funding each year. See what we’re working on at the moment and what we have planned for in the coming financial year by clicking on Capital Projects below.

Maintenance is smaller activities such as pot-holing and clearing culverts. Maintenance is carried out using funds that are appropriated each year and stays largely the same. Read more about maintenance by clicking on Maintenance below. 

Planning is an important part of infrastructure work and requires gathering of data. For planning, the Ministry houses a planning function, a National Hydrography and Geoscience Division and monitors rainfall gauges, streams and groundwater. These functions assist in better informed infrastructure work. You can read more about our planning functions below.