Infrastructure Cook Islands

Te Tango Angaanga o te Kuki Airani

"The Ministry endeavours to enrich our communities through quality infrastructure development"

Projects & Planning

Learn how we are improving infrastructure with projects across the country.

Our Approach

Using strategies to ensure ICI is looking to the future, constructing the Cook Islands of the future.

Pa Enua

Infrastructure and improvements in the Pa Enua (Outer Islands) around the Cook Islands

Our Roads

Ongoing maintenance and repairs to road networks, drainage, and bridges all around Rarotonga.

Infrastructure Cook Islands (ICI) is responsible for much of the delivery of infrastructure policy and development throughout the country. Cook Islands infrastructure faces a wide range of challenges, including poor asset management, climate impacts, demographic changes, economic pressures and political mandate. Therefore, the role of ICI facilitating the right policy settings and developing infrastructure within tight fiscal envelopes is critical. In the coming year, we anticipate that by working smarter as a team in collaboration with other key stakeholders, in Rarotonga, the Pa Enua and beyond, we will deliver quality infrastructure planning, sound policies, and projects that will meet the needs and aspirations of our people.