Building Inspections

Once you start your build, a Building Inspector will undertake inspections as your build progresses to ensure the building is constructed according to the plans that were approved. Variations need to be resubmitted to the Building Controller for consideration and approval. You must inform Building Control of your build start date at least 3 days in advance.

The list below shows what the Building Inspector will generally be checking during building inspections.

  1. Siting
  2. Foundations
  3. Floor slabs, concrete blocks, reinforced concrete beams, columns, top bond beams x2
  4. Pre-lining including fire partition
  5. Electrical, plumbing and drainage
  6. Nailing of internal linings
  7. Firewalls and fire partitions (where applicable)
  8. Insulation x2

Your builder or site supervisor needs to inform Building Control two days in advance of when each inspection will be due. Your builder must ensure that a copy of your approved building plans are on site at all times.

After the building is completed and is compliant, the Building Controller will issue a Completion Certificate.