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Mitiaro, also known as Nukuroa, is part of the Nga-Pu-Toru island group. The island is surrounded by a belt of coral also known locally as makatea, between 20 and 40 feet (6.1 and 12.2 metres) high, based on the Southern end.

Mitiaro Water Commissioned

Infrastructure Cook Islands along with a delegation led by Minister of Infrastructure, Robert Tapaitau officially opened and handed over to the island of Mitiaro, the Orotoma Ground Water Development in July of 2020. 

The project saw the renewal of the island’s long-serving Vai Uti water tank and the construction of another water tank in Orotoma, leaving a total of 45,000 litres of storage now available for the island. 

Each household on the island, just over 70 houses are now connected to the new water network installed. Both water pumps are running on solar power, and according to testing, it pumps 2000 litres of water every 10 minutes and takes approximately 2 hours to fill the water tank.  

ICI would like to extend a big meitaki maata to the people of Mitiaro, the Island Government, Mitiaro Island Council, the Mitiaro Mayor, contractor, Raro Welding, and the water project managers that saw this project through to completion.

Mitiaro Airport Runway Emergency Upgrade

During November 2020, ICI worked on the Mitiaro airport runway in a welcomed initiative to encourage domestic travel to the Pa Enua at the opening of the international borders. 

Mitiaro also traditionally known as Nukuroa, has undergone a number of infrastructure developments in the last 10 years and the plan is to focus on building tourism enabling structures to help boost economic development on the island. 

Renovations works to the Nukuroa Airport are currently underway, which translates to more in bound flights, and hopefully results in more tourists to the island.

Updated: 31st May 2021