Expressions of Interest Process Requirements
The purpose of an Expression of Interest (EOI) is to explore market availability. EOI may be sought prior to completing a full tender process. 

The tender specifications documents may have to be revised to include any changes resulting from the receipt of EOI. Any proposed tenderers who submit an EOI must be provided the opportunity to tender.

EOI may be used as a process for creating a list of reputable suppliers. Any method for evaluating and selecting these suppliers must be approved by the Tender Committee.



Infrastructure Cook Islands wishes to search for a smart application (‘app’) developer to develop or provide a recording and monitoring
app for tracking recyclables and end of life products from return to depots across the Cook Islands to delivery to processing facilities on Rarotonga; and record credit accumulated.  

Interested parties are invited to submit for the product development by filling out the appropriate application form below.

Send to


Submissions close on the 18th November 2022.

EOI_App developer pdf

EOI_App developer word

Infrastructure Cook Islands wishes to find out how much interest there is for engaging in services related to managing recyclables and end of life products. The services are:

1.      Depot Operators – to receive returned items from consumers

2.      Logistics Services – to provide land and sea transport and processing services

Interested companies, non-government organisations and
individuals are invited to join a panel of potential service providers for the above roles by filling out the appropriate application form on this page below.  

Send to

Submissions close on the 11th November 2022.

EOI_Depot Operators

EOI Depot Operators_word