Manihiki - Pristine lagoon

Manihiki also locally known as Te Fuinga o Niva, is a roughly triangular-shaped coral atoll made up of 43 islets or motu surrounding a deep, 9km wide lagoon almost completely enclosed by the surrounding reef.

As with all other Northern Group atolls, Manihiki and Rakahanga are susceptible to rising sea levels.

Rakahanga - Aerial view

Rakahanga also locally known as Tapuahua, is geographically closest to the island of Manihiki, with four main islands and seven islets within the lagoon. The highest point on the island of Rakahanga is approximately 5 metres above sea level, and since 2014 Rakahanga’s electricity has been 100% solar generated.

The large lagoon is shallow with poor sea water circulation and natural entrances to the lagoon are narrow and shallow, passable only by canoes and small boats with skilled captains. In an attempt to increase safe passage in and out of the lagoon, a deeper channel was created in 2015 under a Harbour Improvement program.

Manihiki Airport Reconstruction

Manihiki Airport Initial Stakeholder Consultation has started.  

To be updated in the next few months.

Last Update: 31st May 2021