Road Excavation Permits

ICI is the road manager for Rarotonga (as per the Infrastructure Act 2019). If the road pavement needs to be cut for any reason, a Road Excavation Permit is required (section 35 of the Act). These are usually done for connections, extensions and maintenance to underground utilities like water supply, telecommunications and power. The Infrastructure Act works towards a ‘dig once’ approach to avoid multiple cutting of the road seal so the infrastructure managers try to work together to ensure all services go in at the same time. 

To apply for a road excavation permit, call or visit ICI or alternatively you can fill out an online form by clicking on this link: Road Excavation form.

If you call or visit, we will get some information off you that we need for your permit application. It will be helpful if you know exactly where your section is on a map. See the details we need from you here. Notes for applicants are here. Check these before you apply.

Once a permit application is submitted to ICI, it is helpful that you ensure that the new connections you want installed have been marked on the road seal by the relevant utility company. Most of the time, people see the utility companies to arrange the new connections and then come to ICI for the permit. The Civil Works Division will visit the site to determine the area  for excavation.

The excavation, backfilling and sealing work can be done by a private sector provider or ICI. Only Triad is permitted to reseal asphalt/hot mix roads.  

ICI’s rates are as follows:

Application fee: $80

Chipsealing fees: Establishment flat fee of $250, then $350/m2

Full service – trenching, backfilling and chipseal: Establishment fee of $500, then $850/m3

An inspection fee of $100 is applied when applicants choose a private sector service provider for the trenching and backfilling work.