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Previous Next Mitiaro, also known as Nukuroa, is part of the Nga-Pu-Toru island group. The island is surrounded by a belt of coral also known locally as makatea, between 20 and 40 feet (6.1 and 12.2 metres) high, based on the Southern end. Mitiaro Water Commissioned Infrastructure Cook Islands along with a delegation led by […]


Previous Next VISION FOR ATIU Kia tupu, kia ruperupe e kia u’ua e rau te tuatau. Ei turanga ngaueue kore kia rauka te tupuanga matutu, o te kimi puapinga no te iti tangata Atiu e te enua. To have safe, durable and reliable infrastructure to support economic growth and social development in Atiu. Atiu is […]


Manihiki’s pristine lagoon Manihiki also locally known as Te Fuinga o Niva, is a roughly triangular-shaped coral atoll made up of 43 islets or motu surrounding a deep, 9km wide lagoon almost completely enclosed by the surrounding reef. As with all other Northern Group atolls, Manihiki  is susceptible to rising sea levels. The Cook Islands Government […]


The island of Mangaia also known as A’ua’u Enua is the Southern most island in the Cook Islands, one of the oldest islands in the Pacific, and the second largest island after Rarotonga. It circular in shape and surrounded by a high ring of of fossilised coral cliffs, known as the makatea. Project Updates Tamarua […]