The island of Mangaia also known as A’ua’u Enua is the Southern most island in the Cook Islands, one of the oldest islands in the Pacific, and the second largest island after Rarotonga.

It circular in shape and surrounded by a high ring of of fossilised coral cliffs, known as the makatea.

Project Updates

Tamarua Water

Customary Cook Islands opening ceremony for the commissioning of Stage 1 of the Tamarua Water Project by Infrastructure Minister, Hon. Robert Tapaitau (middle), Mrs. Meli Tapaitau (left), and Mrs. Miera Tapaitau (right).

Project Background and Context

Funding in the 2017/2018 financial year was appropriated for the Tamarua Water Project, which involved the set-up of an intake system and water weir to an off stream filtration and sedimentation tank before delivering the water by gravity to a pumping station located 200m downstream. The water is then pumped to an elevated water storage tank located approximately 1km at the village lookout point for final reticulation by gravity into the Tepauru and Kiriapi sections of the wider Tamarua village.

A number of identified issues contributed to the prolonged completion of the first stage of this project. As such, an ICI project team assumed project management and mobilised to Mangaia to complete project works and handover the project to the Tamarua community and people of Mangaia on the 29th of June 2020.

Since completion of this stage of works, an extension of project works have been identified to implement on Mangaia, of which an ICI team will be mobilising to the island this month to undertake.


Updated: June 2021